Shopify meets cloud storage. The start of a great relationship.

Connect your Shopify site to the cloud with ShopShare.

Connect your Shopify site to the cloud with ShopShare.

With ShopShare, you can share any type of file – from product brochures to videos, music and more – with your clients and customers.

Install it now


  • One Step Setup. Can you say super easy!

    With just a single mouse click, we quickly and easily install the code snippet in your site.

  • Integration with popular cloud services.

    Any kind of file format from your favorite cloud service, can easily be linked to your Shopify store.

  • Put it anywhere. Share anything.

    Any file format, any size. If it fits in your cloud account, you can share it with ShopShare.


How do I install a code snippet?

You don't. With a simple mouse click, we install the code snippet for you. Easy.

Will ShopShare have access to all my cloud files and folders?

No. When you install the app, it automatically creates a ShopShare folder. The ShopShare folder can be found in the App folder. The app only has access to the contents inside that folder, and nothing else.

Can I customize the user interface on my store using HTML or CSS?

Yes, and no. Right now, we can do that for you, but that will require a custom quote.